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Your security on hwehwe.com.gh

At Hwehwe Jobs, we're committed to helping you find the right job in a safe and secure environment.
On this page, you can learn more about some of the most common internet security threats, what you can do to protect yourself, and what we do to ensure your details remain secure.


Common security threats

Recruitment Scams & Hoax Offers:
Jobseekers are usually a common target for recruitment scams and hoax offer emails. Most often used email subject include ‘Congratulations/Register Immediately’, etc.
The recruitment scam often has the following steps:If you're suspicious of any email you receive, please contact us including the subject line of the email you received, and the email address it was sent from. 

Money laundering:
Jobseekers are an increasingly common target for money laundering scam emails. Typically, these emails concern a job offer and the sender may claim to have found your details on a job site such as hwehwe.com.gh. They often offer job titles such as 'transaction manager' or 'accounts assistant'.
Money laundering scams usually have five key stages:Falling victim to a money laundering scam is not only distressing, it can also affect credit ratings and bring victims under suspicion of criminal activity.
However, there are a number of tell-tale signs to look out for to help you spot a potential money laundering scam:If you're suspicious of any email you receive, please contact us including the subject line of the email you received, and the email address it was sent from.

Phishing emails are an increasingly common method used to try and gain access to personal details in order to carry out fraud or identity theft.
Typically, a phishing email will claim to have been sent by a reputable organisation and ask that you respond to the email with your username and/or password or that you enter your sign in details over a 'secure' connection.
Whilst phishing emails can seem very professional, there are usually a number of clues to alert you to the fraudulent nature of the emails. When reading an email claiming to be sent from hwehwe.com.gh, you should always keep the following questions in mind:If you're suspicious of any email you receive from hwehwe.com.gh, please contact us with the subject line of the email, and the email address it was sent from.

Spoofing occurs when a criminal creates an exact copy of a website in order to make a fraudulent company look legitimate. A spoofed website will usually look exactly the same as the website of a legitimate company, but with a slightly different web address (e.g., '.biz' instead of '.com' or '.com.gh'). If you're suspicious of any website you're directed to as a result of your dealings with hwehwe.com.gh, please contact us and we'll investigate.

Identity theft
Identity theft occurs when an individual steals personal details from someone else, and uses the information to fraudulently impersonate that individual. Victims of ID theft often find that their details are used to open bank accounts and obtain credit in their name.
Identity theft can only take place where a criminal has been able to gain access to enough personal details to create false documents in another person's name. In order to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft:If you suspect that you've been a victim of identity theft, you should contact the police as soon as possible.

What you can do to protect yourself

Account security
Online security risks can be minimised simply by ensuring that your password is always kept secure. We recommend you follow the password security advice below:
CV security
Uploading your CV to hwehwe.com.gh is an important part of the jobseeking process, and could help you to be headhunted for great roles. It's important you provide enough information on your CV for recruiters to contact you.
However, in order to ensure your security online, you should never include any of the following in your CV:
General advice
It's always important to be mindful of your security and safety online. Look at our top 10 tips to staying safe online to make sure you're not putting yourself at risk.If you think you have been the victim of online fraud, we recommend you report it to Ghana Police or CID or NITA -  the national fraud and internet crime reporting center, who will be able to advise you further.

What we're doing to protect you

We've partnered with several industry leaders to ensure you receive the most secure levels of service possible whilst using the site.

SSL encryption
To protect your personal information in specific areas of the site, hwehwe.com.gh uses industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to encrypt and secure your data. Whenever you enter a secure area of the site, you'll notice the address in your web browser changes to begin with "https://". SSL certificates used on hwehwe.com.gh are provided and authenticated by Verisign.

Virus protection
hwehwe.com.gh uses Symantec's award-winning AntiVirus solution which automatically scans, detects, and quarantines new viruses, ensuring that all documents uploaded to or downloaded from hwehwe.com.gh, including your CV, are safe and virus-free.

hwehwe.com.gh's servers are securely hosted and managed by MittHost Technologies, Europe's leading specialist in operating internet and enterprise applications. MittHost Technologies is ISO27001 accredited, the international standard for Information Security Management Systems. MittHost Technologies also provides vulnerability assessment services and security monitoring of hwehwe.com.gh's servers.